Run a Main Contest With Linked Child Contests

Tourneytopia supports running a main contest with linked child contests.  
When participants submit an entry in the linked contest they are also prompted to submit thier entry in the main contest.  This allows them to play in both contests.

This is great for a couple of scenarios:

  1. Run a corporate contest and allow all the local branches to have their own contests that are still linked to the main contest.
  2. A non-profit wants to run individual contests each of their corporate partners.
  3. Run a main contest and allow participants to create their own private linked contests where they become the contest manager.  As a main contest manager you have the ability to set key default content and contest logo so your branding is automatically included.

Contest managers have the control over linked contest settings.  They are able to:

  1. Enable or disable participants to create linked child contests
  2. Create thier own linked contests where they become the contest manager.  This is ideal for a corporate contest structure where there is a main contest and known local contests.  This gives contests managers maxium control over contest settings, theme, graphics and content.
  3. Enable or disable the usage of licenses from the main contest to linked contests. If the contest manager decides not to share licenses with link contests, the linked contest manager will be resposilbe for purchasing their own license blocks from Tourneytopia.

Linked contests enable compelling marketing opportunities.  If you have additional questions please contact us at support@tourneytopia.com