Custom Bracketology Templates

Tourneytopia supports custom bracketology templates. This feature allows us to support bracketology contests with any number of competitors including byes. Tourneytopia is a proven solution that can scale with your needs.  We have done custom contest templates for great brands such as the Tennis Channel (Racquet Bracket), Microsoft (Next App Star) and Aerosmith (Song Challenge).

More great examples include:

  • Basketball Tournaments - March Madness is our most popular template.  We can setup a template for you and you can control all of the advertisements as users create private contests.
  • Tennis Tournaments - Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open
  • Golf Match Play tournaments
  • Poker Tournaments - Get the spectators involved!
  • Battle of the Songs - We ran a custom song contest for AeroSmith.
  • Battle of the Apps - We ran a custom app bracketology contest for Microsoft.
  • Custom contests - We support any number of competitors, byes and easy to update match results!

How does it work?

Custom contests have two components the template and the contest sites. The template is used to manage the entry window, draw, results and all of the default content, scoring rules and graphics for the contests. The contest sites are created from the template.  A template can have one or an unlimited number of contest sites.  You can choose if you want to:

  1. Setup just one main contest.
  2. Setup one main contest with multiple child contests that are connected to the main contest.  This is great when you want one main corporate contest and many local contests.  The child contests will prompt users to submit their entries into the main contest after they submit to the child contest.  Click here to learn more about running running a main contest with linked child contests.
  3. Setup multiple contests with no main contest.
  4. You can also allow participants to create child contests that are linked to the main contest or any of the contests.

The contest site is what you will promote to users.  Each contest has a friendly url that you promote to participants.  The contest site is what participants use to pre-register then submit and track their entries.  It is also designed to be customized and white-labeled on top of the default settings that come from the template.  All of the contest sites automatically update their results, standings and every entry page based on the results entered into the template.

It sounds complicate but it is actually pretty easy.  Learn more about the process of running the entire lifecycle of a contest.

How much does it cost?

A custom template has a one-time setup and launch support fee.  After it is setup you can use the template forever for future contests.  The support component of this fee provides you with priority email and phone support to make sure you have a sucessful launch.  In addition to the one time setup fee each custom contest requires licensing.
One Time Setup and Launch Support Fee $2,999.99
500 entry license block $299.99
5,000 entry license block $1,999.99
25,000 entry license block $4,999.99
Unlimted entry license block please contact us


How does licensing work?

  • One entry uses one license.
  • Licenses are sold in blocks.
  • License blocks are meant to be added together.
  • Licenses never expire. Unused licenses rollover to next year's contest and beyond.
  • License blocks can be purchased before, during and after the entry window.
  • Participants can submit their entries even if there aren't enough licenses available. The unlicensed entries will just not be scored or appear in the standings until additional licenses are purchased.
  • License blocks can be purchased anytime with all major credit cards.
  • License blocks can be divided and transfered among all of your contests and across templates.

Need help with the design, graphics and theme?

Tourneytopia can help with the design.  We have professional design services.  You can also use your own designers.  Either is fine.  We just want our customers to take advantage of the many placeholders for customizing your contest to match your design goals. 

How long does it take to setup a custom template?

We have a two business day lead time to setup your template.  We will then schedule a conference call to walk you through managing the template.  We start the template setup process promptly after receiving a purchase order or payment in full.

What information do we need to get started?

The following information is required to setup a template.

  1. Please provide us with the template and main contest identifiers.  These names will be used to generate a friendly url for you to link to.  The format of the url is tourneytopia.com/{template id}/{contest id}.
  2. The number of competitors in your draw.
  3. The start and end date/times of your contest's entry window.

Need a final quote, ready to get started or need more information?  

Please contact us at sales@tourneytopia.com.