Tourneytopia Privacy Policy

Tourneytopia.com allows individuals and companies to setup private-labeled bracketology contests and to manage them independently.

Tourneytopia.com cannot control the use of your personal information by our independent bracketology contest managers. Please refer to each contest manager’s rules, conditions and privacy policy or contact them directly if you have any concerns about your privacy.

By creating or entering a bracketology contest, you agree with the policy guidelines described herein.

Tourneytopia.com's Use Of Personal Information

When entering a contest you are requested to submit personal information which includes, but is not limited to, your full name and email address. This information is used for the purpose of confirming your identity and contacting you on behalf of Tourneytopia.com about the contest.

Tourneytopia.com will only send sales and marketing related emails to contest managers.

Tourneytopia.com will not mass email contest participants.

We release personal and/or participant information only when it is necessary in order to comply with the law, to enforce or apply our 'Conditions of Use' and other agreements, or protect the rights, property, and the safety of Tourneytopia.com, our users, or third parties. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud investigation and/or protection. You will be contacted and informed when any information is released. Tourneytopia.com will otherwise not sell, trade, share or publicize your personal or contact information in any way, form or medium.

Contest Information

Details that pertain to a contest, including but not limited to usernames, bracket picks and point totals are considered contest information and may be used by Tourneytopia.com at our own discretion. The Bracket Contest is a competition and we recognize your right to know your position and scoring in relation to the other competitors. As such, we reserve the right to publicize any and all contests including logos and hyperlinks back to the bracketology contest manager’s website. Real names will be displayed at the discretion of each contest manager for each contest they manage.

User Liabilities

When you enter a private-labeled bracketology contest, you agree with Tourneytopia.com’s 'Conditions of Use' as well as our 'Privacy Policy' herein described. If you choose to enter a contest, any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice and our 'Conditions of Use', including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law. If you have any concern about privacy at Tourneytopia.com, please contact us at support@tourneylogic.com with a thorough description of your concern, and we will try to resolve it. Our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Conditions of Use' are subject to change as our business conditions change. We may send reminders and updates of any changes on our policies unless you have requested us not to do so. Unless otherwise noted, the policy described here governs all aspects of your information related to the contest. We are committed, however, to never change our policies in a way that they provide any less than the highest possible protection to our users' information without the explicit consent of the affected individuals.


Tourneytopia reserves the right to use and reference any and all corporate logos that are uploaded to our servers by bracketology contest managers as Tourneytopia customers.