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White-Labeled Bracketology

Since 2004, Tourneytopia has specialized in custom white-labeled bracketology contests.  We are the industry leaders. We enable our customers to build one-to-one relationships with their customers, employees, partners and friends by running bracketology pool contests. Our system is designed for marketing promotions, corporate contests and charity fundraisers. We make it fun and simple!


We Support Custom Bracketology

Tourneytopia is the only bracketology site that supports custom Tourney Templates. We can support bracketology contests with any number of competitors. Tourneytopia is a proven solution that can scale to very large contests. We deliver great Tourney Templates for...

  • College Sports Tournaments - The Men's College Basketball Tournament is our most popular template.  A custom template allows you can control all of the default content, advertisements and graphics as users create thier contests.
  • Professional Tennis Tournaments - We support Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open. These grand slam tournaments have an avid, educated and affluent group of fans.  It is popular around the world.  Leverage these tournaments to market and connect with these types customers. With a custom template you have control over all the default content, graphics and advertisments that are popluated when contestants create their private contests.  We ran all of the Grand Slam contests for the Tennis Channel's popular Racquet Bracket.  
  • Golf Match Play Tournaments - The World Golf Championships have a match play tournament near Tuscon, Arizona at the end of each Feburary.  Golf is extermely popluar with their avid, well educated and international fan base.  These contest are great for marketing to this broad and diverse audience.  A custom template gives you the ability to enter the results and lock down what content placeholders contest managers can override.  We have run a template for this tournament for 5 years.  We have seen over 20% participant growth each year.
  • World Cup Soccer (Football) - The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world every four years.  You can run a custom bracketology template to reach out to this worldwide audience.  The contest runs at the end of the group matches then through out the tournament games.
  • Battle of the Songs Contests- We ran a custom song contest of AeroSmith's thiry-two most popular songs ever.  Aerosmith's brand agency, PAID, Inc, ran a month long marketing promotion and a public vote to determine the results of each round.  They built deeper brand loyality with their dedicated fan base. 
  • Custom Bracketology and Marketing Contests - We support any number of competitors, byes and easy to update match results.  We are always open to setting up a bracket that meets your needs.
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