Contest Information
Approved Entries: 736
Projected Total Entries: 736
Pick Summary

Final Four

Competitor NameTimes Picked
Anti-PLA2r in Membranous375
SGLT2 Inhibitors in DN308
Microbiome and the Kidney194
Society in ESKD Disparity151
Patient Reported Outcomes149
System Factors in Transplant Disparity133
ACEi and ARB in DN119
Genes in ESKD Disparity112
Rituximab for Minimal Change84
Depression in Dialysis70
Steroids for IgA61
History of Kidney Transplant61
Neurocognitive Declines in HD58
Protocol Biopsy in Lupus53
History of Hemodialysis53
Patient Factors in Transplant Disparity46
Kt/V Urea46
Single Cell RNA Sequencing45
Feeding During Dialysis42
Gene Microarray39
History of the Dipstick U/A32
Two Photon Microscopy26
Glycemic Control in DN26
GLP1 Agonists in DN18
History of the Kidney Biopsy17
Protein Restriction in CKD15
Omega 3 Fatty Acids in CKD14

Championship Match

Competitor NameTimes Picked
SGLT2 Inhibitors in DN240
Anti-PLA2r in Membranous197
Microbiome and the Kidney131
Patient Reported Outcomes85
ACEi and ARB in DN62
Society in ESKD Disparity59
System Factors in Transplant Disparity46
Rituximab for Minimal Change39
Genes in ESKD Disparity37
History of Kidney Transplant36
Protocol Biopsy in Lupus32
Single Cell RNA Sequencing28
Steroids for IgA28
History of Hemodialysis18
Depression in Dialysis17
Neurocognitive Declines in HD16
Patient Factors in Transplant Disparity14
History of the Dipstick U/A14
Feeding During Dialysis12
Kt/V Urea11
GLP1 Agonists in DN10
Two Photon Microscopy10
Gene Microarray9
Glycemic Control in DN9
Protein Restriction in CKD9
Omega 3 Fatty Acids in CKD8
History of the Kidney Biopsy6


Competitor NameTimes Picked
SGLT2 Inhibitors in DN116
Anti-PLA2r in Membranous115
Microbiome and the Kidney71
Patient Reported Outcomes56
Society in ESKD Disparity24
Rituximab for Minimal Change23
History of Kidney Transplant20
System Factors in Transplant Disparity20
ACEi and ARB in DN20
Genes in ESKD Disparity20
Single Cell RNA Sequencing15
Steroids for IgA15
Protocol Biopsy in Lupus14
Neurocognitive Declines in HD7
History of Hemodialysis7
Kt/V Urea6
History of the Dipstick U/A6
Depression in Dialysis6
Protein Restriction in CKD4
History of the Kidney Biopsy3
Feeding During Dialysis3
GLP1 Agonists in DN3
Two Photon Microscopy3
Glycemic Control in DN1