Contest Information
Approved Entries: 1,018
Projected Total Entries: 1,018
Pick Summary

Final Four

Competitor NameTimes Picked
SGLT2i Without DM705
K Binders in CKD454
Patient-Driven Choice for Dialysis328
Biomarkers in Rejection282
Percutaneous AVF Creation236
Climate Change and CKD213
End-of-Life care for Patients on Dialysis202
Flu Vaccine196
Consumable Waste in HD141
Biopsy in Rejection114
Policy-Driven Outcomes for Dialysis112
K is Good in CKD97
Marijuana OK94
SGLT2i in Transplant93
Exercise Prevents HyperK80
Disposable Waste in HD78
Climate Change and AKI78
Pneumonia Vaccine61
American Guidelines61
Live Vaccines in Transplant57
TG Feedback55
Genetic Counseling for Cystic Diseases48
EU Guidelines46
Dialysis for Patients at End-of-Life38
Non-TG Feedback37
Women with X-linked Alport34
Surgical AVFCreation32
No Live Vaccines in Transplant24
Autosomal Dominant Alport23
Genetic Counseling for Stones23
Marijuana Not OK18
Exercise Causes HyperK12

Championship Match

Competitor NameTimes Picked
SGLT2i Without DM621
K Binders in CKD256
Patient-Driven Choice for Dialysis173
Percutaneous AVF Creation116
Flu Vaccine97
End-of-Life care for Patients on Dialysis95
Policy-Driven Outcomes for Dialysis76
Biomarkers in Rejection62
Climate Change and CKD53
K is Good in CKD46
SGLT2i in Transplant44
Consumable Waste in HD39
Exercise Prevents HyperK33
TG Feedback29
Pneumonia Vaccine28
Biopsy in Rejection27
Marijuana OK24
Live Vaccines in Transplant24
Non-TG Feedback24
American Guidelines23
Disposable Waste in HD22
Genetic Counseling for Cystic Diseases18
Climate Change and AKI17
Dialysis for Patients at End-of-Life16
Women with X-linked Alport15
EU Guidelines13
No Live Vaccines in Transplant10
Autosomal Dominant Alport9
Genetic Counseling for Stones8
Surgical AVFCreation7
Marijuana Not OK6
Exercise Causes HyperK5


Competitor NameTimes Picked
SGLT2i Without DM500
Patient-Driven Choice for Dialysis63
K Binders in CKD55
Flu Vaccine42
Percutaneous AVF Creation40
Biomarkers in Rejection31
Climate Change and CKD30
Policy-Driven Outcomes for Dialysis30
End-of-Life care for Patients on Dialysis29
Consumable Waste in HD20
SGLT2i in Transplant20
Marijuana OK19
TG Feedback18
Disposable Waste in HD13
Non-TG Feedback13
K is Good in CKD10
Biopsy in Rejection10
Climate Change and AKI9
Pneumonia Vaccine9
Exercise Prevents HyperK9
Women with X-linked Alport7
Live Vaccines in Transplant6
Genetic Counseling for Cystic Diseases6
No Live Vaccines in Transplant5
Autosomal Dominant Alport5
American Guidelines4
EU Guidelines3
Genetic Counseling for Stones3
Dialysis for Patients at End-of-Life3
Marijuana Not OK2
Surgical AVFCreation2
Exercise Causes HyperK2

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