Contest Information
Approved Entries: 1,313
Projected Total Entries: 1,313
Pick Summary

Final Four

Competitor NameTimes Picked
HIF Stabilizers762
COVID in Dialysis464
CKD Primary Care321
Microscopy Techniques264
Implantable Bioartificial Kidney215
Proteinuria in CKD201
Hopping Mouse199
Urine Microscopy for ATN195
GFR in CKD180
Glomerular Injury in COVID177
COVID in Transplant173
Urine Microscopy for GN162
Medical Student Interest162
Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU148
Resident Interest142
AWAK - Wearable PD128
Dialysis with ECMO123
Tubular Injury in COVID120
Staining Techniques111
Scaffolded Bioartificial Kidney105
WAK - Wearable HD101
Marine Iguana88
IV iron71
Transplant Primary Care62
Oral Iron59
AKI etiology with ECMO57
Dialysis Timing in Pediatric ICU51
Private Practice27

Championship Match

Competitor NameTimes Picked
HIF Stabilizers486
COVID in Dialysis390
CKD Primary Care162
COVID in Transplant131
Glomerular Injury in COVID115
GFR in CKD99
Implantable Bioartificial Kidney94
Proteinuria in CKD90
Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU89
Medical Student Interest74
Tubular Injury in COVID73
Hopping Mouse69
Dialysis with ECMO68
Microscopy Techniques67
Urine Microscopy for ATN57
Resident Interest57
Scaffolded Bioartificial Kidney52
WAK - Wearable HD44
AWAK - Wearable PD43
Urine Microscopy for GN32
Dialysis Timing in Pediatric ICU31
Marine Iguana29
AKI etiology with ECMO28
Staining Techniques25
Transplant Primary Care25
Oral Iron20
IV iron20
Private Practice9


Competitor NameTimes Picked
HIF Stabilizers365
COVID in Dialysis159
CKD Primary Care114
Implantable Bioartificial Kidney71
GFR in CKD68
Proteinuria in CKD56
Medical Student Interest52
Scaffolded Bioartificial Kidney37
Resident Interest36
COVID in Transplant36
Glomerular Injury in COVID36
Tubular Injury in COVID29
WAK - Wearable HD28
AWAK - Wearable PD25
Microscopy Techniques18
Hopping Mouse17
Marine Iguana17
Transplant Primary Care14
Dialysis with ECMO12
Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU12
IV iron10
Urine Microscopy for ATN10
Oral Iron8
Urine Microscopy for GN6
AKI etiology with ECMO6
Private Practice5
Staining Techniques4
Dialysis Timing in Pediatric ICU4

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