Tennis-Xers Wimbledon 2019 ATP Racquet Bracket

Welcome to the 2019 Wimbledon Racquet Bracket! Last year Dave took the lead in the bracket at the semifinal stage and held on to win. Can he and Djokovic repeat their victories? Will it be another Big 3 victory or will we get a new winner? 

Everyone is welcome to play. After you make your picks, please use the comment box at the bottom of your draw to let us know who you are if you are using a different name/moniker than what you use on Tennis-X. 

Good luck to all, and go Andy (in doubles)!

What-If Scenarios

Scenario #3

Round 1 

1 N. Djokovic 

23 R. Bautista Agut 

3 R. Nadal 

2 R. Federer 

Round 2 

1 N. Djokovic

2 R. Federer


1 N. Djokovic

Projected Currently Name Entry ID
1 1 Farah Diba 759423
2 2 Christian FederernottheGOAT 758128
3 3 David Quant 762596
4 4 Ryan Crawford 758546
5 5 tiddly winks 758975