Tennis-Xers Racket Bracket: U.S. Open ATP 2019

Tennis-Xers 2019 US Open Racket Bracket

It's the last slam of the year and the last Racket Bracket of 2019! Last year there was a tie between Joshua and your administrator extraordinaire for the win. What's more likely - a repeat by one of us or a repeat win by Djokovic? 

All are welcome to play. If you use a moniker different than your Tennis-X name, please leave a comment to let us know who you are (the comments box is under your bracket picks). 

In the absence of Andy in the singles field, go Thiem! 




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Final Standings Are In

The tournament is finished and the final results are published. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for playing in the contest.

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Standings will be available once the first match result is known.

Scoring Details
  • First Round correct picks receive 1 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Third Round correct picks receive 3 point(s)
  • Fourth Round correct picks receive 5 point(s)
  • Quarterfinals correct picks receive 10 point(s)
  • Semifinals correct picks receive 20 point(s)
  • Final correct picks receive 30 point(s)