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Welcome to One Percent Foundation's 2nd Annual
Grant Madness

Grant Madness is just like a normal March Madness pool, except that instead of winning cash multiple people will win the right to choose which nonprofits will receive the money. 

And...Grant Madness has begun! Good Luck!

Submit Your Picks

Step 1: Understand the scoring rules

  • First Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 4 point(s)
  • Sweet Sixteen correct picks receive 8 point(s)
  • Elite Eight correct picks receive 16 point(s)
  • Final Four correct picks receive 32 point(s)
  • Championship correct picks receive 64 point(s)

Step 2: Fill out your bracket

Try filling out the bracket from the right to speed up the process.


Second Round 

Sweet Sixteen 

Elite Eight 

Final Four 



Step 3: Enter The Tie Breaker

The tie breaker is the total points scored in the championship game.

Step 4: Submit Your Picks

The submit button will become enabled when you have your bracket completely filled out and your tie breaker is valid.


1% Pledge

Philanthropy isn't just for billionaires. 

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Make it public and take the 1% Giving Pledge.

*Anyone can take the Pledge. You don't need to be an OPF Partner to do it.