Racquet Bracket :: French Open WTA

2015 French Open - WTA

Click the enter link to the right to make your picks for the 2015 French Open Racquet Bracket where could win a $500 prize package from Wilson. You can also compete against your friends or co-workers in your own private pool. Please note the Grand Prize is only eligible to participants in the main pool.


Results Available
Rank User Entry ID Points Comments
1 tgatch89 479464 38 0
2 herring 481562 36 2
2 Dtrain35 478404 36 0
2 savestheday91 484360 36 0
5 dukefan1210 484401 35 0
Scoring Details
  • First Round correct picks receive 1 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Third Round correct picks receive 3 point(s)
  • Fourth Round correct picks receive 5 point(s)
  • Quarterfinals correct picks receive 10 point(s)
  • Semifinals correct picks receive 20 point(s)
  • Finals correct picks receive 30 point(s)
Recent Comments
Do you play tennis, or just wishing you guess right??? It helps to be a good player to understand where these players are coming from, physically and psychologically!!!
Posted by MookyB on entry 480213. 5/26/2015 2:45:26 AM
No I don't drink. I bet you thought that Venus would win against Stephens. Sometimes you just need to give credit to the players that actually beat Serena straight up. There is always someone that can and will be better, and younger.
Posted by MookyB on entry 480213. 5/26/2015 1:42:30 AM
If the lovely Simona won it that would be great.
Posted by Makiri's boy on entry 483289. 5/26/2015 12:14:01 AM