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2015 French Open - ATP


Click the enter link to the right to make your picks for the 2015 French Open Racquet Bracket where could win a $500 prize package from Wilson. You can also compete against your friends or co-workers in your own private pool. Please note the Grand Prize is only eligible to participants in the main pool.

Final Standings Are In

The tournament is finished and the final results are published. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for playing in the contest.

Rank User Entry ID Points Comments
1 rhawkins22 476398 272 11
2 Mattcam13 484606 257 0
3 msmdmlj 475604 253 0
4 edyson2k 479366 251 0
5 goodmani78 480761 250 0
Scoring Details
  • First Round correct picks receive 1 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Third Round correct picks receive 3 point(s)
  • Fourth Round correct picks receive 5 point(s)
  • Quarterfinals correct picks receive 10 point(s)
  • Semifinals correct picks receive 20 point(s)
  • Finals correct picks receive 30 point(s)
Recent Comments
I know exactly what I am talking about, alhenry. Carillo is an adequate commentator/analyst. Carillo was correct in stating that Wawrinka has to play at an ultra-aggressive level to beat the solid consistent aggressive baseline game of Djokovic. Djokovic beats Nadal because he dominates every part of court, alhenry. It is not specifically because of Nadal's 1st serve %, depth on groundstrokes, where Nadal stands on 2nd serve. When are fans like you going to understand that Nadal forces errors from his opponents with heavy spin and blankets the court with his defense. Djokovic can handle his heavy spin up high and pound it equally well crosscourt or down the line. Nadal is and all he ever will be is a walking brick wall of consistency. His whole game is defensive and built around his defense. Nadal has benefitted from the technology (light powerful racquets and poly strings) more than any other player ever. His game is too force errors with heavy spin and run everything down.........and when that does not work then he will lose!!! Wake up Alhenry.................Nadal is either a "SUPER ATHLETE" or a "SUPER FRAUD" (PED ABUSER)!!! All the commentators are just salespeople that will say anthing to keep the social media machine moving!!! Carillo is not worse or better than any of the other idiotic talking heads calling the tennis matches!!! WAKE UP, ALHENRY!!!
Posted by shadow99 on entry 481520. 6/9/2015 2:26:06 PM
Come out of the shadows shadow99 stop being a coward and reveal your true identity. You don't know what you are talking about and your ignorance is revealed in your chosen name. Anyway, on to what I really wanted to say... For mary carillo to say that Stan Wawrinka has to hit spectacular (lucky) shots to beat nolo and all nolo has to do is to just get more solid (be more like himself) to win, is just ridiculous and stupid. This "nice" lady is a fraud. The reason nolo wins so much is because Rafa stopped hitting high first serve percentages, deep ground strokes consistently, and standing shallower to receive the second serve. Most of the wins that nolo has had is because he has played spectacularly against Rafa & Federer. Again mary was proven wrong because Stan won the French Open by doing what he always does grind and hit out. I imagine mary sitting there trying to think of something valid, insightful, profound, or instructional to say... an inner desperation in futility because she confuses people with her mix of stats and history with her opinion in a way to slyly gain credibility. I realize she has made solid relationships with credible tennis analysts like McEnroe, Evert and the like, but she needs to leave her silly opinions out and let Evert, Navratilova, McEnroe, and Courier do the heavy lifting of tennis analysis. She may very well be a nice lady but let's not confuse that with the tennis the savvy of a McEnroe or Evert. Unfortunately, when she sees that her silly opinions are proving invalid, she changes her story midstream and she's never called out on them. After 20+ years of listening to this "nice" lady may have contributed to a generation of deficient men and women professional US tennis players. She seems to be a microcosm of what's wrong with US tennis, led by nice but incompetent leadership.
Posted by alhenry on entry 481520. 6/8/2015 7:50:07 PM
Amazing bracket!
Posted by ehorent on entry 476398. 6/7/2015 10:02:27 PM