Tennis-Xers Racquet Bracket: 2018 French Open ATP

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Welcome to the Tennis-Xers Racquet Bracket for the 2018 French Open! In the next 2 weeks, a lot will be revealed... Will Zverev the Younger make a grand slam breakthrough? Is Djokovic back? Can anyone stop Rafa at Roland Garros? More importantly, can anyone prevent our favorite Welsh Witch from completing the Margot Slam? 

All are welcome to play the Racquet Bracket. If you are using a different moniker from Tennis-X, just leave a comment to let us know who you are. (You can post a comment by going to the bottom of your draw and entering your comment there - it'll show up on the main page here).

Go Team Thiem!!!



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The tournament is finished and the final results are published. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for playing in the contest.

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Rank User Entry ID Points Comments
1 R Z 687589 261 3
2 Kimberly O 680107 258 0
3 Colin O 680119 244 0
4 Anto P T 680498 222 0
5 margot roberts 684674 217 0
Scoring Details
  • First Round correct picks receive 1 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Third Round correct picks receive 3 point(s)
  • Fourth Round correct picks receive 5 point(s)
  • Quarterfinals correct picks receive 10 point(s)
  • Semifinals correct picks receive 20 point(s)
  • Finals correct picks receive 30 point(s)
Recent Comments
PS. Not convinced by our Dom., RZ. Thought he looked jaded at Lyons, even tho he won of course. Have done 2 brackets, have got him going out to Icarus in one, just in case! Lol watch him win now. Have also got Stan going out first round, a bit of a cheeky bracket that one. And Monfils looks all over the place, against a young unknown.
Posted by margot roberts on entry 687589. 5/27/2018 7:34:10 AM
EEEEEEEK! Stop jinxing me! Or I shall have to call you "Sean." ;)
Posted by margot roberts on entry 687589. 5/27/2018 7:25:26 AM
Thanks for playing all! I'm not thrilled with my picks. I should have just copied Margot's bracket. :-)
Posted by R Z on entry 687589. 5/26/2018 10:49:39 PM