Racquet Bracket :: Australian Open WTA

2020 Australian Open WTA

There will be no main bracket prizing for the 2020 Australian Open Racquet Bracket.  Play with your friends in a private pool and check back during Roland Garros for another contest. 

Wilson Tennis Express
Results Available
Rank User Entry ID Points Comments
1 IanSBR 785122 46 0
1 TheBenFarne 785407 46 0
1 TriniBev 787129 46 0
4 killerb799 786739 45 0
4 Owl Momma 7 785841 45 0
Scoring Details
  • First Round correct picks receive 1 point(s)
  • Second Round correct picks receive 2 point(s)
  • Third Round correct picks receive 3 point(s)
  • Fourth Round correct picks receive 5 point(s)
  • Quarterfinals correct picks receive 10 point(s)
  • Semifinals correct picks receive 20 point(s)
  • Finals correct picks receive 30 point(s)
Recent Comments
Well I couldn't revise my picks when I found out who some of them were even playing. They were just listed as qualifiers. Such as Venus v Coco. Gauf's name wasn't even an option as her opponent when I chose Venus first round. Or I def would've picked Coco to win. Oh well, would never win anyhow and wouldn't want to now with no prize.
Posted by inthebogs on entry 783619. 1/21/2020 5:56:49 PM
Yes This is very normal for this site...not to post results in a timely fashion...also this is first time that no INCENTIVES (PRIZES) are being awarded...but I do love to play this and each year better and better.. especially now that I have TENNIS CHANNEL ON MY CABLE STATION... THEY SAY WAIT UNTIL FRENCH OPEN... SHAME ON NO CORPORATE ENTITIES OF TENNIS TO OFFER PRIZES WITH RACQUET BRACKET
Posted by buddha1976 on entry 789708. 1/20/2020 7:40:17 PM
What is with the no prizes?? Knowing my luck, this will probably be the time I finally win 😂 but seriously wth?
Posted by rach4.0 on entry 783675. 1/20/2020 3:01:18 PM