Tennis-Xers 2020 Australian Open Racquet Bracket

And the grand slam grind begins again...At the 2019 Australian Open, both 2018 U.S. Open champs (Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka, in case anyone forgot) repeated their hard court victories in Melbourne. And in our online challenge, so did our defending Australian Open bracket champ Joshua, winning his second hardcourt challenge in a row.

If you are using a moniker different than what you use on Tennis-X, please let us know who you are by adding a comment. You can do this using the comment box at the bottom of your draw sheet. 

Good luck to all who play. Let the fun begin! And since Andy isn't taking part in the AO, go Thiem! 

What-If Scenarios

Scenario #4

Round 1 

5 D. Thiem 

7 A. Zverev 

3 R. Federer (SUI) 

2 N. Djokovic 

Round 2 

5 D. Thiem

2 N. Djokovic


2 N. Djokovic

Projected Currently Name Entry ID
1 1 HomeSchoolDadOf9 782171
2 2 Davetx 786570
3 3 Nikola011 782047
4 4 Josh2406 782356
5 5 AM18 781426